The smart convergence of Australian most popular sport and camping equipment is in Cricket Cooler, which has proudly introduced on Shark Tanks in 2015. The innovative idea came from the struggle experienced when dragging camping gear from the car to the park. This has been solved by 33 litre capacity to keep your food and drinks cool under extreme Australian sun. The handle can rotate 270 degree, and is designed to double as a towing handle and to act as the stumps in a game of backyard cricket. The industrial designer has judiciously researched customer demand to better enhance their experience with the product, unique features that have been added to the cooler are two drink holders, phone holder and bottle opener on the side for convenience and instant usage. Now you are not very far from your drink to celebrate the victory. There is no better way to represent the Australia spirit than with a unique Australian product design in Australian colours.

Not only perfecting the product appearance, Sinclair Product Design was a pioneer in advising the use of Polyurethane foam in-between layers for increased strength and insulation properties. 

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