Started from a small airfield in the UK, Hozelock, a famous UK brand for gardening tools, emerged to public for its technically perfect and colourful product range. The brand focuses on bringing innovative solutions to gardeners that are market leading and of high quality. As a result, user experience is captured with Hozelock’s creative design for the 40m Auto Reel, which can easily retract the entire length of hose. The locking and speed dampening mechanism are unique and worldwide patents have been placed on the intellectual property. This labour saving device keeps your garden free of kinked, tangled hose and protects the rubber from the sun. In addition, it is designed by Sinclair Product Design to be conveniently mounted with 180-degree pivot, that incorporates an anti-theft padlock feature.

While manufactured in Britain, the unit is thoughtfully manufactured using tough UV stabilised polypropylene, ideally suited to Australian conditions. This an indication of prudent research to suit Australian weather conditions ensuring a long life cycle.

View product video here

Distribution at Mitre 10 and B&Q 


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