An innovative design that makes growing thirsty vegetable plants easy and efficient. Growing vegetables in highly nutritious soil of grow-bags is a technique that has been enormously favoured by gardeners around the world for its convenience. However, the soil volume is limited and as plants grow larger they require more and more water. The creative design solution for laying a grow-bag over a reservoir containing 15 litres of water as a watering system is from Hozelock, UK. With this huge water capacity, the soil is kept hydrated for up to 14 days, the water is delivered directly to the roots through unique capillary action material. This way the plant can take water as required depending on the weather conditions in order yield the best vegetables. This innovative design helps save much more time compared to everyday watering, while minimizing water usage as well and yielding the best vegetables. Additional features include the water level indicator in order to easily monitor water level, and the hose connector quick fill function. Sinclair Product Design with more than 15-year experience has prudently applied a these unique features to the Grow-bag Waterer based on their customer research. Moreover, the growbag waterer can be quickly set up and reused for years that serve the purpose of being environmental friendly as well as labour saving. Every detail has been captured for the most satisfactory gardening experience with Hozelock’s Grow-bag Waterer. 

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