A prudent research of customer demand has made Hozelock an expert in gardening tools. The new Hozelock Pressure Sprayer was developed to replace the tired existing product with a new exciting product range. Sinclair Product Design, has a valuable understanding of customer experience in the industry, has innovated the standard sprayer into pressure sprayer serving multiple purposes for outdoor use from water to insecticides, pesticides, and so on. The features include a lockable flow control and unique easy fill wide neck for water and liquid leak proof seal. With all the feature, the Hozelock pressure sprayer remains lightweight with an ergonomic pump handle for easy pressurisation.

From a marketing point of view the products are easily reconfigurable to allow for multiple product configuration options.

The Hozelock Pressure Sprayer comes in many sizes from 5 litres to 7 litres and 10 litres to match the job size. All the details have been carefully considered in the Hozelock Pressure Sprayer range, thanks to prudent research of customer experience the products help save time and energy leaving you free to enjoy your garden. 

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