Polycraft is well-known as a pioneer in producing smooth riding boats to serve fisherman and recreational boaters. Industrial design innovations are not only shown in the pleasing physical appearance of the boat, but also for smart material choice of polyethylene. Polyethylene is naturally buoyant, and can be efficiently mass produced with the rota-moulding process. The process simultaneously creates the deck and the hull, including hitches and stowage compartment features. This innovative design solutions delivers a seamless product for maximum strength and durability. The chosen materials is well-known for impact resistance, easy to maintain, clean and repair. To create a positive customer experience the hull is designed to absorb wave impacts and noise into the hull, not the passengers. The in-moulded non-slip surface texture helps increase safety while aboard. This creates smooth, quiet and absolutely safe ride which is a unique feature of all Polycraft boats.

This innovative design is available in a wide range of colour selections, which will all retain the original boat properties under continuous direct Australian sunlight.

Distribution Australian wide  


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