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5 star

The result came out great, I started with 250 kit and within two weeks 210 kits have been sold. The installers and distributors are really impressed with them.

I thank you for your input on the design of my fastener. It would be good to catch up with more ideas."

Alex Huybregts - Mesh Retainer

hegs testimonials

5 star

“Working with Sinclair Product Design on 'POPPi; The Laundry Basket design process was a fun and informative. We started the idea with a blank canvas, which allowed the concept to be created from scratch and then problem solved along the way. The end result was a saleable, stylish and consumer product that worked and made sense for the purpose it was built, which is a Laundry Basket that POPS up for ease of use. 
Without the ideas and passion of Sinclair Product Design, the idea would probably have never been built."

Scott Boocock – HEGS CEO


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